What this is About

You may have read my work as the writer for Lit Bases and The Windy Nickel. If you’ve read them, you might have noticed that I like sports.

Some time ago, as a reviewer on the website Lunch.com, I noticed a glaring deficiency in sports blogging: The lack of a concise list of all the sports teams on the market and descriptions of them, their histories, and what they’re about. That’s a pretty big disservice to anyone who started following sports at later ages, and so I used my page on Lunch.com to rectify that. I wrote about all 132 professional sports teams in the four major sports leagues in North America. It was a big project, but I finished it, and thousands of people read and liked it.

Unfortunately, soon after I finished, Lunch.com’s moderators stopped doing their jobs, and the message that the website was undergoing technical difficulties was put up one day. They promised they would be finished before you could say “Who doesn’t love Lunch?” Well, it apparently takes upward of a year and a half to ask that single question, and so I’m assuming my hard work on that project was lost to the ages. So I recently got the idea: Why don’t I do it all over again in WordPress blog form?

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ll start with every football, baseball, basketball, and hockey team. Then I’ll eventually start moving into other popular team sports in other leagues across the world. This is going to take a little time, so be patient. I’ll eventually get to your favorite team. And yes, I’m heavily biased – that goes with being a fan, but I’m writing about every team as objectively as I can and slowly developing this blog at the same time.

I’ll start with the Denver Broncos, the current Champion team in America’s most popular sport.


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